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A true sister is a friend who cares about and understands the other. In 2021, Joanne designed a Morganite ring with initial "M" as a wedding gift for Mia. From creating the design to choosing the main stone and diamonds, she created the ring with love. The dreamy pink morganite ring was given to Mia on her wedding day as a surprise. The experience was simply unforgettable. They realised giving and receiving a jewelry creates love, pleasure and connection. This is how the Patrea Jewelry was founded.


Before entering the world of jewelry, Joanne ran an online designer handbag shop. In 2017, she went for a backpacking trip to South America. When she was visiting a museum in Bolivia, she saw a bi-colored quartz formed with Amethyst and Citrine and was fascinated its formation and beauty. After she went back to Hong Kong, she enrolled jewelry design courses in Hong Kong Baptist University.

To obtain professional knowledge about diamonds and colored stones, Joanne finished the GIA Graduate Gemologist program with scholarship sponsored by GIA. She was then hired by a foreign company as a gemstone buyer to source different gemstones all over the world, from affordable ones like sky blue topaz to magnificent ones like pigeon blood ruby from Burma. Clients include individual jewellers, designers, collectors and end-consumers.

“We wish to provide customers around the world with quality jewelry pieces that not only signify the special moment but also bring confidence to the wearer in their everyday life.”


Mia started out in the jewelry industry by working as a management trainee at one of the biggest jewelry chain stores in Hong Kong. Her passion on diamonds leads her to continue exploring different learning opportunities in the jewelry field. While she was working in an Israel Diamond sightholder company, Mia obtained several jewelry-related certificates, including mold making, gem polishing, jewelry settings, etc. She proudly received her scholarship from GIA for the Graduate Gemologist program.

After years of experiences in B2B and B2C jewelry sales, she partnered up with Joanne and founded Patrea Jewelry to provide the highest quality and reasonably priced jewelry that are suitable for various occasions.

“Each and every order we receive is carefully handled, from selecting the best quality of gemstones, creating the design for customers, collaborating with craftsmen, to providing quality customer service to our customers.”

Our Promises

💙 We only deliver jewelry in 18k solid gold and platinum.

💙 We have a high standard when it comes to diamonds, colored stones and pearls. We only use natural diamonds within certain range of colors and clarity grades. All stones are ethically sourced.

💙 Good things take time. Please allow time for bespoke jewelry.

❌ No synthetic or lab-grown diamonds/colored stones are used. They are not really grown in laboratory but mass-produced in factory.

❌ No low-quality hand-craftsmanship and yellowish diamonds that make you feel meh right after you try on.

❌ No hard-selling. You won’t feel pressure from us!

Certificate of Registration for Category A Registrant (Section 53ZUG, Cap 615)
Registration No.: A-B-23-11-02532

Our boutique

Located in the hub of Tsim Sha Tsui, an extravagant shopping bazaar in Hong Kong, Patrea Jewelry features a wide range of ready-to-ship 18 karat gold jewelry that inspire moments of joy and celebrations. Feel free to pay a visit!

Address: Unit 506-507, Solo Building, 41-43 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12-7:30pm

"Thank you for expressing your interest in Patrea and supporting local small businesses.

As an upstairs shop, we are able to reduce operation costs and offer high quality jewelries at affordable prices. From delicate and classic to more eye-catching designs, surely you will enjoy our selections of jewelry and find something that suit your personality and style. If there is anything we can help you with, do whatsApp us at +852 55970717.

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