How to Measure Ring Size

Measure ring size with a string and a ruler

1. Wrap a non-elastic string or a paper around the base of a finger.
2. Tighten the string slightly and mark where the string overlaps with a pen and find the circumference in millimeters (mm)
3. Use the size chart below to find the ring size.

Measure ring size with a ring sizing gauge

1. Put the ring sizer around the base of a finger and make sure it is tight enough.
2. Read the size next to the arrow.

If you have a ring with you but you do not know the size,

Measure ring size with a ruler

1. Put a ring on the ruler and measure its internal diameter in millimeters (mm).
2. Use the size chart below to find out the conversion.

You may also bring the existing ring to the store and let our salesperson measures it with ring sizing tools such as ring size stick or ring sizer. This will be more precise.

Measure ring size with a ring sizer

1. Find the ring that fits your finger.
2. Try a bigger and smaller size to ensure the size you pick fit in your finger comfortably. 

If you are in between two sizes, we recommend one size larger than your normal ring size.


    If you have any questions during the measurement process, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help you measure your finger size accurately.

    If you are preparing an engagement ring, but your fiancée does not wear any rings daily, or there is no way to measure her finger size without being noticed;

    welcome to make an appointment at PATREA. We recommend that you save a photo in which you can see the proportion of your fiancée’s fingers and the whole body on your mobile phone and bring it to the store. Let us estimate the approximate finger size based on our years of jewelry sales experience, so as to ensure that she will be wearing a suitable ring on the proposal day. In case you need to resize the ring in the future, we provide free resizing service for the first time.

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